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Window Tinting and Car Security in Crawley


Caterham In-Car Systems, established in 1992, specialises in the installation of stolen vehicle tracking systems. We maintain a fantastic reputation in nearby Crawley and the Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent areas. Local and regional customers use us for our high-end product knowledge and our friendly approach to customer service. Our personnel install trackers across multiple categories and offer other car security solutions like window tinting.


But that’s not all we do. Caterham In-Car Systems also supplies and installs the latest in-car entertainment products including rear seat video players and branded sound systems.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking


We perform stolen vehicle tracking installations for private customers, local franchises and dealerships from Crawley and the surrounding areas. We cater every model including BMW, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Mercedes, Land Rover, Toyota, Renault and VW. The trade, in particular, uses us because we supply and fit Category 5 and Category 6 Thatcham stolen vehicle trackers made by manufacturers such as CobraTrak, Scorpion Track and SmarTrak.


These are some of the biggest names in the modern car security sector.


Our stolen vehicle tracking systems increase the chances of recovering a car. In fact, up to 95% of vehicles using our equipment find their way back to the owner. Significantly, the police return approximately 86% of tracker-equipped vehicles inside a 24 hour period.


Very few car security systems have such an overwhelmingly effective impact.


Our services receive support from police forces in Crawley and from those in Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent. Tracking technology helps the police to locate and recover a vehicle, no matter where the perpetrator leaves it. Stolen vehicle trackers even help in finding a stolen car in instances where the perpetrator uses a GSM or GPS signal jammer.


Important, car security devices save you money on your car insurance. For information on our cost-effective and unobtrusive solutions, please contact us on 01883 343393.



Window Tinting


Caterham In-Car Systems also has a window tinting service available for motorists in our home town, in Crawley and across the region. There are a number of reasons why you might want to invest into window tinting. For cosmetic purposes, window tinting provides a stylish aesthetic and proves itself to be a desirable aftermarket upgrade with our local customers.


Secondly, for practical purposes, it prevents up to 99% of UV rays from penetrating a vehicle while reducing glare and heat. Window tinting also protects the upholstery from fading. For some, it is an effective car security solution. A potential thief can’t see the interior of the vehicle clearly, and can’t identify what might be on or around the seats and the dashboard.


The surfaces we use are of an exceptional quality, have good colour stability, have scratch-resistant coatings and do not interfere with keyless entry, GPS or radar detection systems.



In-Car Entertainment


Ghost AutoWatch UK UnimitedCaterham In-Car Systems is about so much more than car security. We provide customers in the Caterham and Crawley areas with a wide range of in-car entertainment products. These products include video players for rear seats which are fantastic for keeping children quiet during long journeys. Compact and integrated seamlessly, our in-car entertainment systems never have a negative impact on a car’s interior aesthetic and only serve to enhance it.


When it comes to the audio side of things, we have systems available from leading industry names such as Pioneer, Kenwood, Hertz and Alpine. Whether you want to listen to music with clear definition, need something that packs a punch in the volume department or just want a products that’s affordable and reliable, we’ll find the perfect system just for you.


We offer a full supply and installation service on in-car entertainment systems.


Reasons to Choose Caterham In-Car Systems


  • More than 20 years of experience in the car security sector
  • Specialists in stolen vehicle tracking systems
  • Affordable window tinting for added style and security
  • In-car entertainment systems from premium manufacturers
  • Covering Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent
  • Trusted by local franchises and main dealerships
  • All models covered including BMW and Aston Martin
  • Products available to reduce insurance premiums
  • Category 5 and Category 6 trackers to Thatcham specifications

For more information on car security, stolen vehicle tracking and window tinting, call 01883 343393. We welcome customers from nearby Crawley and the surrounding areas.