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Car Security, In-Car Entertainment and Window Tinting in Crawley


Our name should leave you in no doubt as to where Caterham In-Car Systems operates from but it might surprise you to learn that a sizeable proportion of our customers come from nearby Crawley. We’ve produced this page for the benefit of Crawley motorists who might be considering investment into car security through a stolen vehicle tracking device, an in-car entertainment system for music on the move or our specialist window tinting services.

Here, Caterham In-Car Systems answers a selection of frequently-asked questions covering all key services and the benefits of using car security trackers with Thatcham approval.


If you have a question we haven’t answered on this page, please contact us on 01883 343393. We’ll do whatever we can to deal with your query over the telephone.


What separates Thatcham stolen vehicle tracking devices from other systems?


When we explain the characteristics of stolen vehicle tracking systems, customers from the Crawley area hear regular references to Category 5 and Category 6 devices. The categories come from Thatcham, a specialist research centre that moved into the world of car security in response to an alarming rise in the number of vehicle thefts during the early 1990s.


Today, Thatcham sets car security standards across the whole of the United Kingdom in a bid to reduce the cost of claims for insurers. This reduces insurance premiums for drivers.


What are main differences between these categories?


Category 5 and Category 6 trackers offer different levels of car security. A Category 5 device offers the highest level of security to customers in Crawley and the South East of England. This includes a Level 1 police response, remote engine immobilisation, driver identification, motion sensors, police or licensed security agreements, street mapping and position data.


Category 6 stolen vehicle tracking devices have no engine immobilisation features or driver identification tags but they do offer a police response, 24-hour monitoring, street mapping and position data. We help you choose stolen vehicle tracking devices suited to your vehicle.


Crawley motorists with expensive models, and businesses with higher premiums, usually opt for Category 5 systems. Category 6 devices offer solid car security for everybody else.


How effective are Thatcham stolen vehicle tracking devices?


Let’s take a look at the statistics. An incredible 95% of vehicles fitted with these innovative car security systems find their way back to the owner. The police return approximately 86% of vehicles fitted with Thatcham stolen vehicle tracking devices inside 24 hours; even those taken outside of the Crawley area and hidden in underground car parks or metal containers.


In terms of results, Category 5 and Category 6 trackers offer unbeatable performance.


Why should I consider your window tinting services?


The most common reasons for Crawley motorists to invest in our window tinting services include reduced glare from the sun, improved car security because thieves can’t target the possessions inside as easily, protection against UV rays which can damage upholstery and, sometimes, just because it looks great. Window tinting offers a luxurious celebrity feel.


Whatever your own reasons might be for using Caterham In-Car Systems, we promise first-class service delivery using a quality film – always from a reputable manufacturer.


How effective are you window tinting films?


Because we only use products of the very best quality, our window tinting films apply with no creasing problems and they never bubble, even in extreme temperatures. While we always advise our Crawley customers to leave the application for 48 hours before opening a car window, this is merely a precautionary measure and it isn’t absolutely essential.


To reassure private motorists, businesses and dealerships, we offer a workmanship and material guarantee on window tinting applications from our selected and branded range.


Which kinds of content do in-car entertainment systems play?


Rear seat in-car entertainment systems play DVD and CD formats, and most current models also have streaming capabilities. Link up gaming consoles so your passengers can play their favourite titles during long journeys too. Other ways of accessing content through our in-car systems include linking phones or tablets to a device and watching an on-demand service.


Most in-car entertainment systems play music streaming services such as Spotify as well.


It seems as if every few months, the in-car entertainment industry adds new technology to product ranges. We have in-depth product knowledge and always source innovative new systems which provide motorists in Crawley with the most up-to-date hardware version.

For more information on car security, stolen vehicle tracking and window tinting, call 01883 343393.

We welcome customers from nearby Crawley and the surrounding areas.