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In-Car Entertainment in Crawley and the South East


Caterham In-Car Systems, best known in Crawley and the South East for window tinting and car security installations, is about so much more than top-of-the-range films or the latest stolen vehicle tracking devices. We also supply in-car entertainment systems and support our product range with a full installation service. Our modern audio-visual entertainment products make driving, or travelling as a passenger on a long journey, much more appealing.

Below, we provide some basic information on the main aspects of in-car entertainment. If we can be of any further assistance to you, please contact us on 01883 343393.



Rear Seat Entertainment


Prospective customers in Caterham, Crawley and the surrounding areas often feel unsure as to whether rear seat entertainment is an affordable option or even a convenient one. Many feel more at home with old-style systems which, compared to modern in-car entertainment products, are clunky in appearance, lower on sound quality and more expensive to repair.


Thankfully, times change and today’s in-car entertainment systems are affordable, easy-to-use and feature concealable profiles which ultimately save valuable space inside the vehicle.


Rear seat systems integrate into car headrests, which we handcraft during installation to match the seats and the upholstery. Understandably, different in-car entertainment systems feature a range of different features. Most allow DVD and CD playback, music streaming, video streaming and even the option of video games on the move – great for the kids!


Some customers connect their smartphones or tablets to the system to access a favourite on-demand service or music streaming account. This conjures up unlimited possibilities.


Each headrest has its own standalone system so there won’t be any arguments over what to watch. In-car entertainment is ideal for passengers of all ages. Perhaps the most common reason for motorists to invest in a new system is to keep the children happy and engaged during long journeys. Sometimes, the peace and quiet alone is worth the installation cost!


All systems are wireless and work from the pack so, if you want to install yourself, you won’t need to buy any cables or other add-ons. If we perform the installation ourselves, you can enjoy the best in modern in-car entertainment at the flick of a switch or by remote control.

Those long and painful journeys will never be a problem again.



Car Audio Systems


We supply and fit car audio systems for music lovers in Crawley and from the surrounding areas. Whether you’re looking to replace a temperamental or faulty system, or want to buy an upgrade for better clarity or maximum volume, we have audio packages available that tick every box on your wish list and produce exceptional sound quality while on the move.


Brands from Caterham In-Car Systems include Pioneer, Kenwood, Hertz and Alpine.


These industry-leading companies have a fantastic reputation for manufacturing high-end audio products of superior quality. If you’re looking for the clearest highs, a well-rounded mid-range and a punchier bass, we’ve got you covered with the industry’s best branded systems. Listen to the radio, insert a favourite CD or play from an app on your smartphone.


If you feel unsure as to which kind of system will best suit your needs, call us for advice.


Exceptional product knowledge means we’ll always find a suitable audio system for just about everyone, from the rock, pop or hip-hop lover who loves to stream from Spotify, to fans of the classics who like to listen to favourite composers from their own CD catalogues.


As you can see, there’s really is so much more to our company than just window tinting and stolen vehicle tracking devices. We offer our customers the complete service range.

For more information on in-car audio entertainment, call 01883 343393. We welcome customers from nearby Crawley and the surrounding areas.