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Stolen Vehicle Tracking in Crawley | Products


Every 20 seconds, a car owner in Europe loses a vehicle to a theft. This frightening statistic shows little sign of diminishing at any time soon. With this in mind, Caterham In-Car Systems supplies a range of stolen vehicle tracking devices to protect motorists in Crawley, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent and the surrounding South East region from potential theft.


Modern vehicle tracking systems are the culmination of years of research and development, and represent cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

An Explanation of Categories 5 and 6 from Thatcham


When reading about our products, you will see regular references to Thatcham Category 5 and Thatcham Category 6. Thatcham is a research centre formed in 1969 to contain and reduce the cost of insurance claims. It is also an organisation responsible for managing the alarming rise in vehicle thefts, and continually sets the standards for car security in the UK.


Thatcham Category 5 and Thatcham Category 6 offer different levels of security for your car.


A Thatcham Category 5 device from our company offers exceptional standards of security to customers in Caterham, Crawley and all surrounding South East areas. Category 5 systems include Level 1 police responses and remote engine immobilisation, driver identification, motion sensors, police or licensed security agreements, street mapping and position data.


These devices offer the very best in stolen vehicle tracking performance.


Thatcham Category 6 devices do not offer engine immobilisation or driver identification tags but do provide police responses and 24-hour monitoring, street mapping and position data.


There is, however, one Category 6 car security product that still offers engine immobilisation and driver identification tags – the Trackstar Category 6 Advance.



TRACKER Cat 5 Plus


TRACKER Category 5 devices provide our customers and clients with a very affordable stolen vehicle tracking product that has pinpoint accuracy. Devices alert the police if your vehicle is stolen using keys. All TRACKER Cat 5 Plus devices fitted by our approved installers exceed the requirements of insurance companies and meet all of Thatcham’s Category 5 Standards.


These devices allow you to track your vehicle online in real time with the aid of a secure MY TRACKER function. They also allow you to plan routes, set up alerts and gain a host of data and information on undertaking individual journeys using the fastest available routes.


Features of the TRACKER Cat 5 Plus include the following:


  • GSM and GPS locations with full European coverage
  • VHF patented car security technology to find stolen vehicles even when hidden in underground car parks or metal containers
  • Signal jamming detection and dual technology to stop GSM/GPS jammers blocking your stolen vehicle tracking device
  • In-built motion sensors to flag unauthorised movement of your vehicle, and to send alerts to a secure operating centre
  • Driver alerts to identify unauthorised movement if a thief has your keys
  • Nationwide support from police forces and access to the MY TRACKER website





LOCATE is a top-of-the-range stolen vehicle tracking device from TRACKER with Category 6 certification from Thatcham. It offers high-end recovery performance with pinpoint accuracy using patented VHF technology, sending tracking data directly to the police should someone steals your vehicle. LOCATE offers 24/7 alert monitoring via the TRACKER control desk.


With LOCATE, you can track your vehicle online in real time using the secure MY TRACKER system. You can also set up alerts, plan routes and access useful data for faster journeys.


TRACKER LOCATE features include the following:


  • VHF patented technology to find stolen vehicles even when hidden in metal containers or in underground car parks
  • Three location tracking methods, VHF, GPS and GSM, with full European coverage
  • Signal jamming detection and dual technology prevents thieves from using GSM/GPS jammers which block most uncategorised stolen vehicle tracking devices
  • Integral motion sensors to identify unauthorised movement
  • National support from UK police services
  • Access to the MY TRACKER website and the Traffic Mesh network to give you faster, more accurate tracking and a superior car security product



Trackstar Advance CAT 6


Trackstar Advance provides the latest in stolen vehicle tracking with state-of-the-art driver identification technology. This provides enhanced car security and stops vehicles from starting without authorisation. We already have a sizeable number of customers in the Crawley and South East areas who benefit from the performance of the Trackstar Advance.


Trends in vehicle theft currently include the use of electronic intervention methods. These approaches to theft currently account for over 50% of stolen vehicles. The specialist team at Caterham In-Car Systems offers you the next generation of stolen vehicle tracking systems in the shape of the Trackstar Advance – a product we supply and fit for our clients.


The device has innovative telematics technology to combat the growing numbers in car thefts using electronic devices. Trackstar developed Advance in partnership with Traffic Masters OEM Partners and, of course, the Thatcham Motor Research Centre.


The Trackstar Advance has Category 6 certification from Thatcham. The Advance is the only product of its kind enhanced with additional features to combat theft by electronic means.



Trackstar CAT 6


The Trackstar CAT 6 system is another Category 6 Thatcham product and the predecessor of the Trackstar Advance. It uses secure GSM technology to control communications with an internal motion sensor. This stolen vehicle tracking product provides our Caterham, Crawley and South East customers with a fairly-priced car security option that performs impeccably.


Core features of the Trackstar CAT 6 system include:


  • Communication with dedicated monitoring centre by GSM
  • GPS location
  • Complete coverage of Europe
  • Integrated motion sensor
  • Internal battery back-up
  • Anti-tamper alert
  • Endorsed by Thatcham and all police forces across the UK


Additional features are available to purchase including:


  • Mileage capture



Trackstar CAT 5


The Trackstar CAT 5 has a state-of-the-art driver identification system and meets Category 5 criteria from Thatcham. This car security device has the following core features:


  • GSM communication with a dedicated monitoring centre
  • GPS location
  • Full European coverage
  • Integrated motion sensor
  • Internal battery back-up
  • Anti-tamper alert
  • Driver recognition tags
  • Tag function and no-tag alarm
  • Endorsed by Thatcham and all police forces across the UK


Additional features available for the Trackstar Cat 5 include:


  • Mileage capture



Vodafone CobraTrak 5


The CobraTrak 5 is Vodafone’s top-of-the-range car security system, and is now available to customers in Caterham, Crawley and the surrounding Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent areas. This stolen vehicle tracking device has the benefits of the standard Vodafone CobraTrak Plus system but with added protection from the following important features:


  • Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR)
  • Remote engine immobiliser
  • Category 5 certification from Thatcham
  • GSM and GPS jamming detection


The driver card is discrete and pocket-sized, and you will need it with you whenever you drive your vehicle. When getting out of the vehicle, the system arms itself automatically. If someone moves the vehicle without the driver present, the system sends an instant alert to the Vodafone Automotive secure operating centre. Vodafone reacts instantly to a theft.


Even if a thief uses your own keys, Vodafone still receives the alert immediately.



Vodafone CobraTrak Plus


The Vodafone CobraTrak Plus has GPS stolen vehicle tracking technology with additional car security features provided by the following alerts:


Tow-Away Alert

Triggered when the system detects motion with the ignition switched off.


GSM Jamming Alert

Triggered when someone attempts to jam the GSM signal.


Key features of the Vodafone CobraTrak Plus include:


  • International coverage by GSM
  • Pinpoint GPS tracking (accurate to within 10 metres)
  • Coverage of 40 European countries and South Africa
  • European police liaison
  • Anti-tamper alert
  • No police hardware required





ScorpionTrack protects your vehicle against illegal movement using innovative GPS geo-fencing car security technology. When this stolen vehicle tracking system detects Illegal movement, it notifies the ScorpionTrack international control centre of a possible theft. The centre has staff on hand 24 hours a day to notify you if somebody tries to steal your car.


ScorpionTrack confirms thefts in line with current legislation and procedures specified by police forces in Caterham, Crawley and all locations in the surrounding Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent areas. We supply the ScorpionTrack ST50 vehicle tracking system.


This device offers the following features:


  • Made to current Thatcham Category 6 specification
  • The latest stolen vehicle tracking technology
  • Approval by major insurers
  • Our lowest UK subscription prices
  • Full coverage across Europe
  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Movement text alerts
  • Low battery text alerts
  • Battery tamper alarm
  • Location on demand via our website or by smartphone

For more information on car security and stolen vehicle tracking, call 01883 343393.

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