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Stolen Vehicle Tracking in Crawley | Services


Caterham In-Car Systems supplies and fits stolen vehicle tracking devices. We cover nearby Crawley and all locations in Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent as an approved installer. You can trust our team to fit your device to Thatcham Category 5 and Category 6 standards. We can come to your home, to your workplace or to your dealership to perform the installation. This means you never have to lift a finger after making the initial call.

Our company also specialises in window tinting and in-car entertainment but it is very much the car security side of our business that attracts so many regional customers.


Aftermarket car security equipment can only reach its full potential when fitted properly. If installed incorrectly, even the most advanced stolen vehicle tracking system won’t provide adequate protection for your car and it could even cause the electrical system to fail.


After the Vehicle Systems Installation Board closed in 2009, Thatcham announced its own Recognised Installer Scheme (TRI) to recognise aftermarket installation companies and their employees based on standards of workmanship. TRI Safeguard maintains the installation standards of Thatcham aftermarket systems in Category 5 and in Category 6.


Working with aftermarket suppliers and installers, Thatcham has developed a fast, efficient and essential service which achieves the initial aim of fitting to a specific standard.



TRI Certificates


Some of the major insurance companies in the UK may ask to see evidence that you have a stolen vehicle tracking device fitted to your car. Caterham In-Car Systems supplies a Proof of Installation and subscription certificate with all devices supplied. We even provide clients with a TRI certificate online for a small additional fee after fitting their car security systems.


Some of our customers in Crawley and the South East, especially local businesses and most main dealerships, have a direct need for TRI security authentication to a specific level.



Checking the Stolen Vehicle Tracking System


After an installer fits your car security system, they call a Global Telemetric Commissioning Desk to find a live position using Google Premium Mapping. This connects you to the stolen vehicle tracking network. Personnel at the control room check data, verify live functioning of the device and supply the installer with information specific to the system just fitted.


This data includes ignition key position (ON or OFF), battery voltage, battery back-up levels, temperatures and the GPS or GSM horizon position. Data helps police forces in Caterham, Crawley and the South East to retrieve your vehicle should it be involved in a future theft.



24-Hour Monitoring Subscriptions


The manufacturers of stolen vehicle tracking devices offer monthly subscriptions to our own customers and this helps them to get the best possible performance from a device. Start a subscription as soon as we finish installing and commissioning the device. Because of the in-depth monitoring a Category 5 Thatcham car security device provides, subscriptions tend to cost a little more than those for equivalent stolen vehicle tracking systems in Category 6.


Please call us for more information on subscription costs.


The approved installer provides our Caterham, Crawley and South East customers with a Proof of Fitting document which also includes important details about the subscription.

For more information on car security, stolen vehicle tracking and window tinting, call 01883 343393.

We welcome customers from nearby Crawley and the surrounding areas.