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Window Tinting in Crawley and the South East


In addition to the supply and installation of stolen vehicle tracking and in-car entertainment devices, Caterham In-Car Systems offers an affordable window tinting service to motorists in the nearby Crawley area and the surrounding South East region. While many invest into window tinting purely for its cosmetic appeal, our branded films also provide a series of end user benefits – practical benefits our customers have come to know, like and appreciate.

Window tinting products promote a more comfortable driving experience and our services include the supply and installation of specialist films known to improve car security.


In the comfort department, window tinting reduces glare from the sun so you won’t have to squint while driving on a bright day. A tint also reduces the amount of heat inside a vehicle, making things more comfortable for the driver and passengers particularly on long journeys.


On the car security side of things, statistics support the claim that thieves are less likely to target any vehicle they can’t see into because they can’t identify valuable possessions that might be sitting on or under a seat, on the dashboard, on the parcel shelf or in pockets.


There are also miscellaneous benefits that prospective clients in Crawley and the South East region sometimes forget about, like the fact window tinting massively reduces the volume of UV rays reaching the vehicle. This protects upholstery from overexposure. Motorists should also know that our window tinting films confine glass to a single area if it breaks.


Not only does this mean less time cleaning up after an accident or an instance of vandalism; it also reduces injury risks from damaged glass that falls into your vehicle upon breaking.



Premium Window Tinting Films from Leading Manufacturers


Quality plays a vital role in all aspects of our wider service range. Caterham In-Car Systems, insists on the use of car security and in-car entertainment products from industry-leading manufacturers. The same standards of excellence apply to our window tinting films. We never supply anything but the best to our clients in Crawley and the surrounding local area.


That’s why we stock windows tinting films from the following companies:


  • Xpel
  • Johnson
  • Llumar
  • Suntek
  • Global


We also have brands available from a sizeable number of well-known manufacturers.


Every manufacturer supplying to us as a company has a reputation for making high quality window tinting films which last for many years. Our products come in an array of different shades so that customers in Crawley, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent will always be able to find a window tinting film that suits their vehicles and their own aesthetic tastes.


  • Please be aware that it’s best not to open windows for 48 hours after tinting
  • Our films do not affect the elements on car defrosting systems
  • We use premium window tinting films which never bubble in warm conditions
  • Modern application methods ensure a crease-free fitting each and every time
  • Remove a film at any time if you want to resell a car without the tint
  • Window tinting has no impact on the electrical or GPS systems
  • Specialist security films do more to deter opportunist attacks
  • We install tinted films anywhere in Crawley and the many surrounding areas
  • Window tinting also optimises the performance of your car air conditioning system

For more information on window tinting, call 01883 343393. We welcome customers from nearby Crawley and the surrounding areas.